The 50 Most Iconic Cocktails in San Francisco, 2023 Edition

For 7x7, I once again wrote my list of the 50 most iconic cocktails in the city.

I've been doing this list since at least 2014!  


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The introduction:

At the start of 2022, many bars remained shell-shocked by the pandemic and were largely playing it safe; cocktail menus were limited to core essentials that bartenders could execute well in the age of "the new normal."

As 2023 gets going, we're rounding a new corner with fancy cocktail lounges, hotel lobby bars, and rooftop venues opening all over the place, and some longstanding spots have jettisoned tried-and-true tipples for complete rewrites of their drink menus.

While there are no doubt several new drinks awaiting their "iconic" status, this year list holds true to many of San Francisco's most recognizable, signature, "I'll have another" drinks.


Read the whole list here

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