Review: Ruddell’s Mill Bourbon and Rye – Double Cask Releases

We covered the whiskeys of Ruddell’s Mill about a year ago, all sourced whiskeys from Kentucky that are bottled in New Jersey. Now we’re back with two new, but very limited edition releases, both double-casked before bottling. You can get the whole backstory on Ruddell’s Mill at the above link. Production details and tasting notes on these new offerings follow.

Ruddell’s Mill Kentucky Straight Double Cask Bourbon – Made from the same mash bill as Ruddell’s Mill Kentucky Straight Bourbon, then racked into new level 4 alligator char barrels for an additional 8 months. Ruddell’s Mill Bourbon has plenty of wood on it, and I’m not sure that an extra 8 months of level 4 barrel char is essential. Here the whiskey showcases a ton of oak, though notes of cherry and chocolate — plenty of callback to the standard release — are amply represented. The palate sees plenty of heat at a blazing 58.3% abv, red pepper and cinnamon dominating against a backdrop of char, mint, and a slick of licorice. Butterscotch notes sweeten up the finish, but some water doesn’t hurt here at all to temper the more aggressive elements. 339 bottles produced. 116.6 proof. Reviewed: Batch #DCB01. B+ / $79

Ruddell’s Mill Kentucky Straight Double Cask Rye – Ruddell’s rye, re-barreled into level 4 char barrels for a year. Much less aggressive than the bourbon, with some exotic notes of Eastern spices, incense, and old Turkish rug on the nose, all helping to tame the extra wood influence. As with the original, the palate is sweeter than expected, the spice elements tempered by notes of vanilla and butterscotch, the oak disappearing almost completely as the finish builds. It’s more cohesive than the standard rye, perhaps due to its surprisingly low abv — nearly 3% lower than the original and much less hot than the Double Cask Bourbon. While the Double Cask Bourbon doesn’t change the equation much, this elevates the original amiably. 702 bottles produced. 89.8 proof. Reviewed: Batch #DCR01. B+ / $69

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