Chattanooga Whiskey Releases Experimental Batch 037: Ancient Wheat

Chattanooga Whiskey Releases Experimental Batch 037: Ancient Wheat

Chattanooga Whiskey has announced the newest release in their award-winning Experimental Single Batch Series: Batch 037: Ancient Wheat.

Made from a blend of two whiskey styles, this three-barrel batch was crafted to highlight the flavor impact of a unique heirloom variety of wheat known as dinkel wheat. Also known to distillers as spelt or hulled wheat, this grain and its cultivation date back to the dawn of civilization, contributing a "nutty richness" to the whiskey.

"Every recipe we make has its own story, and every one of those recipes starts with a "first ingredient." For this experiment, our distillers focused on wheat - seeking to discover a "perfect" malted wheat varietal that could match the depth, flavor, and character of our Tennessee High Malt style. Surprisingly, this wheated whiskey's "first ingredient" happened to be one of the very first domesticated grains in human history!" - Grant McCracken, Chief Product Officer.

Each unique wheated whiskey recipe in the blend was comprised of the same three grain types - malted dinkel wheat, malted barley, and yellow corn. Together, this pot distilled blend of whiskeys contains an average of 51% malted dinkel wheat, which was toasted at low temperatures to preserve the character of the underlying grain. Aged for over four years in multiple types of toasted and charred oak barrels, each custom toast profile was meant to accentuate the nutty, toasty, and bakery-like character coming from the wheated mash bills.

“After the "first ingredient" is chosen, our distiller's job is to "listen to the whiskey" before making their next selection. In effect, every successive ingredient is chosen to complement and/or enhance the character of the one that came before it. So, although most of the flavor comes from the malted dinkel wheat, the multiple varieties of toasted barley malt, our Tennessee-grown yellow corn, and three types of toasted and charred casks, each build off of one another to form a wheated whiskey like no other, and uniquely Chattanooga Whiskey." - Grant McCracken, Chief Product Officer.

Batch 037: Ancient Wheat will be available at the Chattanooga Whiskey Experimental Distillery at $69.99 for a 750ml bottle, and available online for shipping to select states on Bottled at 105 proof, expect notes of walnut raisin bread, dried apricot, brown sugar, nutmeg, molasses, and sweet tea.