Review: 2019 Saldo Red Wine California

The Prisoner Wine Co. has greatly expanded its offerings beyond its namesake wines in recent years, including Saldo, which has the most minimalist label around — in a good way. Complicating things — there are two Saldos. One is a zinfandel (red label), and then there’s this red blend (blue label), a mix of Petite Sirah, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Zinfandel.

Big and brooding, you could be forgiven for assuming this was a zin-heavy blend, with the aggressive notes of milk chocolate and blueberries giving the wine a daunting level of sweetness, fading into notes of cloves, but barely. The finish is all sweetness, gooey molasses and an overwhelming chocolate syrup character that clings to the tongue for ages. I cared little for the wine on first blush and enjoyed it even less as time wore on. Skip it.

C- / $32 /

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